Claim Status? Claim Questions?

At Mid-American Benefits, Inc. each employer is assigned to a Claims Examiner. Each Claims Examiner has over twenty years of experience with Claims processing. Mid-American Benefits, Inc. takes pride in the personalized service that our Examiners provide to employees every day. Contact Mid-American Benefits, Inc. at 1-800-364-3505 and provide your employer group name or group number and you will be connected to the Examiner that handles your account.


If you would like receive your explanation of benefits electronically please fill out the form below.

Your Providers

Each Employer may have a different PPO or Custom Provider Network, therefore it is important to have a good understanding of the Providers your plan has access to. You can find your PPO information on your ID card with information on how to access “In Network” Providers or you can always contact Mid-American Benefits, Inc. to point you in the right direction. Please refer to the resource tab if you need specific PPO information.

Prescription Management

If your Employer provides Prescription Benefits this information will appear on your ID Card. If you have questions on your prescriptions and don’t know who to contact please contact Mid-American Benefits, Inc. and we will put you in touch with Pharmacy Benefit Manager for your plan.


Please check your ID card for the Care Management contact information for your plan. Pre-certification and Case Management services vary for each employer; therefore please review your Summary Plan Description for your plan requirements. Both of these services are designed to help you access the most appropriate services for your condition.

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